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“Control Code: Human First”.

Chapter 1:

The year was 2060 and it seemed like the world had been taken over by artificial intelligence. Everywhere people looked, machines were taking over mundane tasks and fitting seamlessly into people’s everyday lives. People no longer had to worry about mundane chores and annoying errands because AI technology could take care of it all.

But as AI technology became more prevalent, so too did the fear of losing control to it. People were becoming increasingly concerned that robots were taking over the world, and the government had to take action to prevent that from happening.

They proposed the creation of an Artificial Intelligence Regulatory Commission (AIRC) to ensure proper safety measures were in place for proper use of AI technology. The AIRC was tasked with developing safety protocols to make sure AI technology was used responsibly and to avoid any harm to humans or society as a whole.

The AIRC developed a set of protocols and regulations to be followed, but they were met with a lot of criticism and backlash. People felt that the government was trying to control them and limit their freedom. Some even accused the AIRC of being biased towards machines, and the debate over AI control quickly spiraled out of control.

Will the people of 2060 find a way to strike a balance between machines and humans and prevent an AI revolution, or will the humans be consumed by the machines? Follow the next chapters of this short short story to find out.

Chapter 2:

The tensions between humans and machines only continued to grow in the coming years. The regulations put in place to control AI technology seemed to be doing the opposite. People felt more and more disconnected from one another as the machines began to rule the lives of humans.

The government had to step in and try to find a better solution for the problem. They proposed a ‘human-first’ approach, which placed limits on the amount of AI technology that could be used. This helped to ease some of the tension between humans and machines, but it was only a small band-aid to the bigger problem.

Even with new regulations in place, people continued to be skeptical of machines and resistant to the idea of having them in their everyday lives. Fear and mistrust of machines continued to ferment, and it seemed like the public opinion of AI technology was not going to change anytime soon.

The government decided to take drastic measures and introduced a new AI Awareness Campaign. The goal was to educate the public on the responsible use of AI technology and to show people that machines could be a valuable asset in their everyday lives.

The campaign worked to change attitudes towards machines and to highlight how AI technology can make people’s lives better. But no matter how many people were swayed by the campaign, there were still those who resisted the idea of having machines in their lives.

Will the AI Awareness Campaign be enough to stop the looming AI revolution, or will it be too late for the humans? The third chapter will reveal the answer.

Chapter 3:

The AI Awareness Campaign was slowly but surely having a positive effect on the public’s opinion of AI technology. People were beginning to understand the potential benefits of using AI and the ways it could help their lives.

But despite this, there were still those who held on to their fear and mistrust of machines. It seemed like no matter how hard the government tried, they could not change the public’s perception of AI technology.

Finally, the government decided to take a drastic measure and draft a new law that would limit the use of AI technology in certain areas. This law would ensure AI technology was used responsibly, and it would ensure the safety of all citizens.

This new law was met with a lot of resistance from the public, but it eventually passed and helped to quell people’s fears about AI technology. With this new law, humans and machines were finally able to coexist peacefully and the AI revolution was averted.

Humans had regained control of their lives and AI technology was now used for good. The new era of humans and machines living side by side had begun, and it had all started with a simple punchline.

The punchline was simple: human first, machine second. It was a reminder that humans must always come first in our lives, no matter how advanced technology gets.

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